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What I’ve Been Reading #126

Friday, June 3, 2016


While perusing the giveaways at Goodreads, I came across this free kindle book – Hawaiian Heartbreak by Libby Cole. It’s not long at all and I read it this week because I needed a book to review this Friday! The kindle version is still free, so go ahead and download it if you are interested!

“Kayla’s always been scared to push her boundaries and take a risk. But it turns out all she needed was a scumbag ex-boyfriend to send her running to Hawaii, hoping to pull the shattered pieces of her heart back together while sunning herself on a white sand beach. What she hadn't planned on was falling for someone new. Especially someone tall, tanned, and distractingly sexy. Soon sparks and puns are flying, and Kayla is introduced to a whole new way of appreciating Hawaii’s beautiful scenery. But what starts out as a fun holiday romance turns into a full-blown love affair, with neither wanting to admit the clock is ticking until Kayla has to return home.“

My favorite part of the book was the setting. Dave and I went to Hawaii on our honeymoon and I could recall some of the locations described in the book, such as Diamond Head and the volcanos on the Big Island. I will say that the romance in the book wasn’t as well described as I would have liked. It was hard for me to imagine the feelings that Kayla and Jay had for each other and their conversation felt more like a friendship than a romance to me. Other than that, the story was sweet and yes, sexy. Fair warning – it is part 1 of a trilogy, and there is a cliffhanger. However, if you sign up for the author’s newsletter at the link at the end of the book, you can get the 2nd book for free too! I’ve already added it to my kindle.

What have you been reading lately?