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Memorial Day and Father’s Day At The K

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

We went to two Royals games recently – one on Memorial Day and one on Father’s Day! Both times we at hot dogs in the parking lot before the game and both times the Royals won!


Our seats on Memorial Day were pretty high up. I was using my old camera, which had a better zoom than my new camera!


We had a perfect view of the players!

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It was an evening game and the dusk over the field was pretty.


We walked over to the other side of the field where there are some things for kids to do.

DSCN6305DSCN6306DSCN6307  DSCN6310DSCN6311

Then we sat in some close to the outfield seats.


We moved even closer before the end of the game!


That’s Hosmer getting splashed.


On Father’s Day, the game was in the day time.


Our far up seats were good because they were shaded from the sun.


I can’t zoom in very far with my new camera.


Eventually we went to the other side and this time we realized we actually have coupons for the kids to use the fun kids’ things, so Simon went on the carousel and Zachary did mini-golf.


The game went into extra innings and we moved down to super close seats.


Finally we won!


Salvy splashed Cuthbert.


The kids got to run the bases – well, from first to third! That’s Simon in the back of the group there!


Yay Royals!