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It’s Okay #120

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


It’s okay…

…that Gabbie left for sleepaway camp yesterday. She traveled with 3 other kids from here to Chicago by plane and from there to camp by bus. The other parents and I watched their airplane take off.


…that this week Simon and Zachary both are taking science in the morning and Simon has art in the afternoon. Zachary has nature again, like last week.

…that I got my hair cut last week.

…that on Sunday night we went to a wedding at Arrowhead Stadium – where the Chiefs play. I’ve never been to a Chiefs game so I’d never gotten to see the stadium before. It was a cool place for a wedding! The wedding was inside, but you could see the field, where they were working on putting up the stage and the floor for the Guns N Roses concert tomorrow night.

…that I’m almost embarrassed to share the show I decided to binge watch, so don’t laugh. It’s Pretty Little Liars.

…that I got to hold my friend’s newborn baby and he was so cute. Then my kids started asking me if we could have a new baby and I said I’m too old. So Zachary informed me that Sarah (from the Bible) had a baby when she was 100.

…that I heard Simon screaming in his sleep, something about “never mind!” and “I’m taking a drink!”

What’s okay with you this week?