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May In Review

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May was another super fast month. We finished school and started summer break and we had a ton to celebrate! This month I am once again linking up with Shoes To Shiraz for her monthly Numbers Link Up!

2 Holidays Celebrated:

Mother’s Day. I have not gotten to blog about what we did on Mother’s Day yet, but in involved visits to at least 4 farms!


And Memorial Day. We went to the Royals game!

4 posts about our NY / NJ trip:

Statue of Liberty | The Freedom Tower | Roosevelt Island | Liberty Science Center

3 Reviews Posted:

Photo Tray from | Inkdot Wood Print | Ipsy Glam Bag

4 Link Ups Joined:

The Kids Behind the Blog | $10 At Target | Summer Bucket List | This one!

4 Adventures:

The Farm Tour on Mother’s Day | A ride on the new Kansas City Streetcar | LEGO KidsFest | Urban Air


1 School Related Post:

Mr. Bear Part Three

3 School Events I Haven’t Blogged About Yet:

Simon’s Graduation | Zachary’s End of School Party | Gabbie’s Graduation

1 Dance Recital:

With two dancers!

3 Nights Gabbie Spent Away From Us.
7 Girls Slept Here for Gabbie’s Birthday Party.

3 Dentist Appointments for Me, Gabbie, and Zachary.

3 Days of Summer Break (weekdays with no school or camp).

2 Birthdays Celebrated:

Dave’s Birthday | Gabbie’s Party

4 Books Reviewed.
493 Items in my May Picture Folder.
25 Photos Posted on Instagram. (1005 total pictures!)
22 Total Blog Posts.

Happy June Everyone!