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Wednesday, May 18, 2016


This past weekend, LEGO Kidsfest finally made a stop in Kansas City! I had been waiting for this to happen for at least 2 years! We were lucky enough to receive 4 tickets, and since Gabbie was away for the weekend, the boys got special Mommy and Daddy time! Zachary took charge of the map and we worked our way around the room. There was so much going on, that we definitely missed some things!


The first stop was LEGO Juniors, where we did a little bit of free building.

DSCN5878DSCN5879DSCN5880  DSCN5882

Next, we checked out some of the life-sized models in the Model Museum:

I guess Lightning McQueen’s tire was very interesting!

DSCN5888DSCN5889  DSCN5890
Here Simon was trying to remember this guy’s name!

DSCN5891  DSCN5892

In the LEGO City area, the boys had their photos taken by a green screen. We got print outs of the photos and they were emailed to me as well.


Next, we visited the LEGO Technic area. Zachary actually took part in a LEGO Club at school, so he had experience with this. You build a car and compete to knock your friend off the track.


Also in this area was car racing:

DSCN5900DSCN5901DSCN5902  DSCN5903
And there was a contest to enter. Zachary was watching our entry move down this conveyor belt.

Next, we did the Construction Zone, where the boys built their own models that were then displayed in glass cases:

DSCN5904  DSCN5905DSCN5907

In the LEGO Mixels area, Simon wanted a photo!


We got to try out the LEGO Dimensions video game:

DSCN5909DSCN5910  DSCN5911legodimensions

My favorite area was the LEGO Art Gallery. We all worked together to make a tile to hang on the wall!


Zachary’s favorite area was the Creation Nation, where you can build a creation to add to the map of the USA:

Zachary decided to make an airport!

Our last stop was the LEGO Challenge area, where we were challenged to build a logo out of LEGOs:

We didn’t do all that great, but we got a prize anyway! Everyone who participated got a LEGO Pirates minifigure set. Apparently, there were prizes for participating in all of the various challenges, but we only participated in this one.

I want to give a shout out to one of the sponsors of LEGO Kidsfest – Santoki LEGO Stationary. I did not get a chance to visit their booth at the fest, but they sent me a few pens to try out and they are pretty cool!

Are you interested in LEGO Kidsfest? Upcoming tour dates are: Louisville, Kentucky June 3-5, Milwaukee, Wisconsin October 7-9, Houston, Texas October 21-23, and Cleveland, Ohio November 4-6.

Have you been to LEGO Kidsfest?