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It’s Okay #113

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

It’s okay…

…that it’s Passover all week and spring break too.

…that all of the kids had to miss a lot of their regularly scheduled activities because of break.

…that once break is over, school is almost over for the year.

…that I really need to plan out our summer at this point!

…that Gabbie knitted baby booties for her new baby cousin.

…that she told me to write about that here!

…that last week I took these picture of the Prairie Fire Museum and I love them.

pf  pf2

…that my Grab Green Giveaway a few weeks ago had the most entries I’ve probably ever had in a giveaway I ran and I was really proud of that.

…that I’m really happy that I’ve met a bunch of new blog friends!