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$10 At Target–April

Monday, April 18, 2016


A few of the blogs I’ve recently started following do a really cool challenge called $10 at Target. The idea is to spend $10 and only $10 buying fun items at Target. I took this challenge earlier this month, on a day that I did not have a list of things that I needed, because if I needed things I would have wasted all of my money on those things! That way, I was able to find fun items – things I may not have bought otherwise. Here’s how it went!

I started out in the dollar spot.Cute stationary, but it was $3. I did grab a pack of gel pens, which don’t seem to be pictured here!


Clearance section. Hmm, Minions Duck Tape?


Cute little bowls. I kept the wooden ones and passed on the glass ones.

target4  target5

Next up was the Easter clearance section. I had to work very hard to convince myself not to buy candy. I did grab a pink mason jar!

target6  target7

I thought I might get Simon a Minion for his collection, but it turned out they were not on sale.


These tags were 30 cents per pack! I heard they went down to 10 cents a week or so later!


I wasn’t at $10 yet, so I went back to the Dollar Spot and found these notecards:


In the end, I also picked up a beach towel that was in the 70% off section, but when I was ringing up my things, I saved that for last and I would have gone over if I’d bought it, so I set it aside. Here is what I ended up with:

Total: $9.68. Not bad! I’ll definitely be doing this again!