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Simon’s Melaveh Malkah Performance

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

On Sunday, Simon’s kindergarten class had their Melaveh Malkah, which is the big kindergarten performance held each year. A Melaveh Malkah is customarily a meal held after the Sabbath – on Saturday evening – to figuratively escort the Sabbath out, as one would escort out a queen. The kindergartners put on a show for their “Melaveh Malkah” ceremony, in which they sings songs about Shabbat coming and about the end of Shabbat.

Simon ready to go!

Table decorations

Simon singing with his class:


Simon’s first part was about the days of the week. He was Thursday (and we realized that Gabbie was also Thursday when she was in kindergarten!) and he had to lift off his hat when it was his turn.


Simon also had a speaking part which he shared with a girl and a boy from his class.


More of the whole group!


After the show:

DSCN5063  DSCN5066DSCN5064
Simon’s cookie – it says Shimon, his Hebrew name.

Zachary’s Melaveh Malkah | Gabbie’s Malaveh Malkah

As Gabbie pointed out, Simon is our last kid to have a Malaveh Malkah performance!