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It’s Okay #108

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

It’s okay…

…that I am sad and disappointed that something I was preparing for is not going to happen in the end.

…that my kids are in the 100 Mile Club at school where they try to walk / run 100 miles throughout the school year. Kindergartners miles are doubled, so Simon is way ahead!

…that we have a new kosher bagel place in Kansas City. We went on Sunday and the line was out the door!

…that I am working on getting some new blogging mom friends.

…that last week Zachary got sick. He tested negative for strep on the rapid test, but 4 days later they called and said he actually did have strep! So it’s very good that he was already on antibiotics.

…that I went to the yarn store and bought the yarn I needed to finish the mittens I had made back in July. I only needed a bit more, so I used the rest to make a hat.

…that the weather here is kind of crazy this week, it’s supposed to be a high of 80 one day and snow the next!

…that it’s Purim this week! Yay!

What’s okay with you this week?