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Happy Purim!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

One of my favorite holidays is one of the lesser known Jewish holidays on the calendar – Purim – which celebrates how the Jewish people who lived in Persia were saved from extermination. Celebrating Purim includes dressing up in costumes and giving gifts of food to our friends. This year, I bought our bags for our gifts at Michaels because they were too cute to resist!


We decided to buy red and black items to put in the bags. Costco even had black licorice Scottie Dogs!


The kids filled the bags by themselves and I had almost nothing to do with it!


There are four mitzvot (commandments) that we must do for Purim and their names in Hebrew all begin with the Hebrew letter “mem.” Simon made a book to illustrate this:

DSCN5073  DSCN5072
Cover page | Reading the Megillah (pages go from right to left in Hebrew)

DSCN5074  DSCN5075
Giving charity to the poor | Giving gifts of food to our friends

Having a Meal

Simon also made a Megillah with his class! They each decorated a few of the pages.

DSCN5077  DSCN5078DSCN5080  DSCN5079DSCN5081

And here are our costumes!

DSCN5082  DSCN5086DSCN5087  DSCN5088
A Minion, a Magician, and a 50’s Girl!