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Auto Show + LEGO Kids Fest Preview

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

This weekend we checked out the Auto Show at its Kansas City stop. The kids really like checking out all the cars, especially Zachary, who was pretending that he actually owned all the cars at the show and kept saying things like “this is my fastest car,” “this is my van,” etc.


This car was in the Royals’ Victory Parade!


At the kids’ area, there was a LEGO Kids Fest preview! The kids happily built and raced cars of their own.

DSCN4924DSCN4926  DSCN4927DSCN4928  DSCN4929DSCN4923  DSCN4930

Today is the last day to enter for tickets to LEGO Kids Fest! You can enter using my link and choose which of the shows you’d like to enter for – not limiting only to the Kansas City show. Good luck!