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Eco-Friendly Pest Control Tips

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

My friends at Quality All Care – a locally-owned lawn care & pest control company – provided today’s content!


When it’s cold outside, outdoor pests become desperate for warmth. They’re looking for a nice cozy home for the winter, and once they find it, they invite their friends and family. To stop your home from becoming a bed and breakfast for these rodents and insects, take these simple steps to prevent them from getting inside, and then getting rid of them if they do. Here at Quality All-Care , we prefer to use solutions that are environmentally friendly, so your family and pets remain safe while your home becomes pest-free.

Advice From Professionals

Seal Up Your Home

Bugs, ants, and spiders will make use of the smallest holes, and mice can squeeze through an opening the size of a nickel. Replace or fix any broken screens, and check for holes in your window and door frames. Finally, walk around your foundation and seal up those holes, too. Use copper mesh or steel wool, and seal it in place with caulk or foam. You can even buy foam that has a unique scent that is irritating to rodents.

Eliminate Odors

Try to keep food in air-tight containers. Take the trash out regularly, and cover all of your garbage cans. Don’t keep pet food out at night and always clean up any spills or dirt as soon as they happen. Also, try to keep fruit in the refrigerator.

Don’t Let Water Leak

Rodents and insects love standing water. Fix leaky faucets or clogged drains, and make sure any dark, damp areas in your home are well ventilated.

Keep Firewood Away

Firewood should be stored at least 20-30 feet from your house. Not only can stacks of wood house hundreds of termites, but rodents like to make their homes there.


If pests do get in your home, scents are a good way to irritate them and get them to leave. Rodents hate the smell of pine trees, so get some fresh clippings, or buy bags from a store made for this purpose, and put them where you know rodents are living. The scent of citrus does a great job deterring bugs and spiders, so spray this scent wherever you think they might be getting inside.


For rodents, you can use live traps, snap traps, or glue boards to help cut down the population once you see evidence of rodents in your home. For bugs and roaches, put glue boards on the floor or counter, maybe even behind a cupboard, where you know they like to roam.

Knowledge is Prevention

Once you see a rodent or bugs in your home, it’s hard to be confident that the infestation has been resolved without help from professionals. Pests can live inside your walls, chew your electric wiring, contaminate your food, and carry disease, so knowing they’re gone for good will help you rest easy. Here at Quality All-Care, our Kansas City pest control service utilizes a five-cycle treatment schedule to ensure your home stays pest-free for good!. The most eco-friendly way to eliminate an infestation is through knowledge and experience, knowing where to attack, which products to use, and never causing unnecessary harm. If you think you’re housing an infestation of any kind, we’re here to help!

While I hope none of you experience a pest problem, I hope that these tips are useful! Thank you to Quality All-Care for the post!