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The Positive Benefits of Construction Toys

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Construction toys like colorful wooden blocks and brands like Lego have a strong following amongst parents and children. They work because of the simple premise of that building things is fun and even educational - and these things together encourage positive play.

What makes really simple items like colorful blocks and Lego’s sophisticated interlocking brick system so good for children? There are many reasons why. Here are three of the main ones:

They encourage creativity

There really is no substitute for a child’s imagination; they can turn an empty cardboard box into a spaceship, a fort, even a car. With this kind of creativity just imagine what they can do with bricks and blocks.

While children can choose to build specific items that are detailed in the instructions, these types of toys encourage them to literally think outside the box. As they build up more confidence that a simple Lego Friends hotel set can become something so much more, such as a school a house, even a hospital. All it takes is the child’s imagination and a few blocks.

They promote problem solving

One of the great things about construction toys is that they are so versatile, and it’s this trait that makes them so helpful for an essential skill like problem solving.

For example, the child might find that they don’t have all the pieces that they need to build a specific thing, such as a tower; but instead of abandoning the build, they will simply use what they have to build what they want. This is an incredible skill to learn at a young age, as the block engages their minds and force them to think about their project in a different way.

They help develop fine motor skills

For interlocking brick systems like Lego, the child has to learn – an learn very quickly – just how to put them together and pull them apart. This is made difficult with some sets as the pieces are really small.

But the more a child continues to play with these tiny pieces, the more they develop their fine motor skills, the more they will hone their skills as a builder, but also in other disciplines, such as writing.

Construction toys, like wooden blocks and Lego sets, such as Lego friends are positive toys that encourage play, creativity and problem-solving skills, as well as promoting fine motor skills in both young children and adults.

These types of toys are essential for growth and education, so why not consider giving the gift of a construction toy at their next birthday?

Images by Dave Catchpole and michale used under Creative Commons License.
This article was written by Jenny Wilson.
Jenny is a mom of two. She loves discovering and inventing new vegetarian recipes. Outside of the kitchen, she enjoys aerobics and going out with friends for coffee.