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Interchangeable Klipz Sneakers

Thursday, May 7, 2015


My boys are three years apart, but they are almost the same size. If Zachary wore clothes just a little small, and Simon wore clothes just a little big, they could wear the same size. Their shoe size is only one size apart! Their personalities are a bit different, as Simon enjoys being noticed and Zachary does not.  Simon enjoys change and Zachary likes to keep things the same.

Both Simon and Zachary received new shoes from Klipz – an kids’ footwear brand that allows kids to customize their creativity with a variety of fun designs and cool characters on the interchangeable pieces that can be placed on any Klipz brand shoe, backpack or hat. So, while their shoes are almost the same size, Simon’s are brighter and flashy while Zachary’s are the same color he has almost always worn. For Zachary, I chose the simple navy colored Neptune and for Simon I chose the black and green Bode.

Navy and Yellow Neptune

Black and Green Bode

As shown, each shoe comes with a pair of interchangeable Klipz, and we were also invited to choose from the Marvel collection (we chose Spiderman) and from the Light Up collection (we chose Flames). Simon enjoys changing his Klipz every day – and mis-matching them – and Zachary likes to keep his the same!


It is simple to change out the Klipz:

Unsnap the Klipz from the shoe.

Line up the new Klipz with the shape on the shoe.

Press them into place.

Zachary was worried because these are his first tie shoes, but the laces stay put, which is great for him!

Both of my boys have gotten many compliments on their shoes (especially Simon) and I encourage you to check out the boys and girls shoes available from Klipz. Right now, you can save over $20 when you buy one sneaker and one accessory for $35 with the code SAVE1 or save over $30 when you buy one sneaker and two accessories for $40 with the code SAVE2!

We received this product in exchange for our review. No other compensation was received and all opinions are our own.