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Children’s Safety Online

Monday, January 26, 2015

Now that both Gabbie and Zachary have their own devices that they can use the access the internet, it is important for us to address online safety. The Federal Trade Commission offers five pieces of advice to parents so that they can talk to their children about socializing online:

  • Remind kids that online actions have consequences.
  • Tell kids to limit what they share.
  • Encourage online manners.
  • Limit access to kids’ profiles.
  • Talk to kids about what they’re doing online.

Two weeks ago I introduced HiFiKiddo, a family and kid friendly social network. HiFiKiddo complies with the Federal Trade Commissions Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”). When children under the age of 13 join the site, they require a working email address of a parent and the parent much provide verifiable consent before the child is granted the privilege to join.

On HiFiKiddo, parents must approve their child’s posts, comments, and friend requests. This makes it easy for parents to help their kids limit what they share online and who they share it with. As I see it, HiFiKiddo serves as a learning experience for young kids on socializing online.

So, if your children are like mine and are interested in socializing online, I would recommend HiFiKiddo as a great place to start! Once again, if you do this, please let me know so that Gabbie and I can connect with you and your child!

I am a brand ambassador for HiFiKiddo and will be sharing more about this family friendly social network over the next few weeks. Thank you to HiFiKiddo for sponsoring this post! As always, all opinions are my own.