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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday Funnies–Winter Edition

Want to know something funny? It takes me forever to put together these Sunday Funnies posts because most of the images I find aren’t appropriate for my family friendly blog! However, I worked very hard to bring you these winter themed funnies in honor of the first day of winter!





Come back next week for even more winter related funnies!


Janine Huldie said...

I needed this as I just had a 5 minute debate with Emma that although it is indeed the first day of winter, there is no snow in the forecast for the next week or so here. She wasn't having it and told me that it needs to snow, because it is now winter and she has to build a snowman! So go figure lol 😉

Kimberley Tobin said...

HAHA it's huming!

M said...

Aww these are so fun and cute!

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Happy Holidays!

Dara said...

my kids think it needs to snow as soon as it's winter too. and stop as soon as it's spring. sigh.

Dara said...


Dara said...


Zachary said...

I Love team