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It’s Okay #42

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

It’s okay…

…that I’m suddenly a KC Royals fan. This post season has been lots of fun so far!

…that my Fantasy Football team is doing awful.

…that I have to take my iPhone to the Apple Store because the home button keeps sticking.

…that I love my teal boots!

…that I find it difficult to read bad news, even from people I don’t know very well.

…that it’s raining like crazy and we are short one rain coat and one pair of rain boots for the kids!

…we were also short one winter coat because the one I had from Zachary that would fit Simon this winter had a rip. But luckily we got a hand me down from a friend!

…that Simon has had 2 day weeks these past 2 weeks of school due to the holidays.

…that I feel like I’m forgetting something!