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Chiquita Cooking Lab Recipe Contest #ChiquitaCookingLab #MMLovesChiquita

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I’m not a cook. I don’t make up recipes. And yet, when I heard about the Chiquita Cooking Lab Recipe Contest I thought maybe I could participate. The Chiquita Cooking Lab is a series of eight weekly recipe contests. Every week,
three featured ingredients will be revealed and participants are tasked with creating a unique recipe that incorporates these three ingredients. So, last week I checked the ingredients and discovered bananas, apples, and oats.


And then I came back and realized that it’s a new week! This week’s ingredients aren’t the same as last week’s ingredients. Oops! Of course, I could have entered the contest last week and participated again this week, but like I said, I’m not a cook.


If you are a cook, the above are the ingredients for this week. It’s easy to enter – just submit your recipe at the contest website or through the official Chiquita FanFun app. One winner will be chosen each week to win a $4000 cash prize, and will have their recipe turned into a stop motion video and promoted on Chiquita’s digital and social channels. Four random winners will also be chosen weekly to receive a Chiquita gift bag.


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Can you think of an awesome recipe that includes bananas, pineapples, and spinach? You can also check out Culinarylab Cooking School!

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