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Kansas City Renaissance Festival

Monday, September 8, 2014

Last weekend, we went to the Kansas City Ren Fest. We had never been before, although we had been to the NY Ren Faire in Tuxedo NY once. What I discovered in going to this second Ren Faire is that while they charge a lot to enter the festival, they still charge for various activities and rides inside the festival. I wished that they would have given us ride and game credits for our admission price, but instead most everything inside, apart from shows, cost extra. We did have a fun time though, and here are some photos!

DSCN0166  DSCN0167DSCN0168DSCN0169DSCN0170  DSCN0172DSCN0174  DSCN0178DSCN0182DSCN0184DSCN0185DSCN0186DSCN0187DSCN0188
Simon was scared of these mermaids!

DSCN0191DSCN0192  DSCN0193DSCN0194  DSCN0195DSCN0196  DSCN0197DSCN0199  DSCN0200DSCN0201DSCN0205DSCN0214

I did pay $1 each for the boys to ride this dragon swing:

DSCN0207DSCN0208  DSCN0209DSCN0211

Have you ever been to a Renaissance Faire?