Not In Jersey: Skintrium Giveaway–Moisturizer and $200! Skintrium Giveaway–Moisturizer and $200! - Not In Jersey

Skintrium Giveaway–Moisturizer and $200!

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Good evening everyone! I am happy to share an exciting giveaway from, who is giving away a $200 American Express Card and Esthetic Blend Face Whitening Moisturizer – Platinum – a $500 value – which means a $700 value overall! Skintrium lets you choose how deep your skin color will be – a flawless, radiant skin that’s free of freckles, scarring, roughness, discolorations, or other detractions that make your skin anything less than perfect. The giveaway product is the fastest way to achieve a healthy, beautiful complexion many shades lighter than the one you were born with. Yet this concentrated, corrective skin whitening cream is also a fantastic face moisturizer, packed with botanicals that hydrate, nourish and renew your beautiful complexion.

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