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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Our family just got back from spending time with friends and family in New Jersey. The kids and I enjoyed seeing some of our friends who live in NJ, as well as our good friends from Kansas who recently moved to NY and live only a half hour away from Dave’s parents.

On our first day, we visited my best friend from college and her three kids. (Both Dave and my friend’s husband, who is also our best friend, were at work). We took the kids to Kidz Village in Kenilworth, which is an indoor play place that I had been to in the past both when we lived in NJ and while visiting.

DSCN9898DSCN9900  DSCN9901DSCN9905DSCN9911DSCN9912DSCN9915

It is so difficult to get 3 kids to look at a camera all at once – and even harder when there are 6 kids!


On our second day in NJ, we met up with my brother-in-law at the Teaneck Farmer’s Market where he sells his local honey! Here’s a funny thing – his friend couldn’t figure out how my brother-in-law is my brother-in-law when I am not married to his brother – and I’m also not his wife’s sister. Can you figure it out?

DSCN9922DSCN9923  DSCN9930DSCN9925DSCN9932DSCN9933
Two of my nephew – in from Israel!

That same evening, we took the trip into New York to visit our friends who recently left Kansas. We miss them so much – and you can see from these photos how happy the kids were to see each other!!

DSCN9934  DSCN9943DSCN9942DSCN9948DSCN9951DSCN9953DSCN9954DSCN9955

The above pictures were taken inside and outside of their camp / school. We also visited their house and the kids ate dinner together just like old times. We also stopped at their house a few days later, as we were attending a wedding near where they live. At that point we were able to get a group picture – again difficult with 6 kids!


The same day of the farmer’s market and our first visit to our friends’ house was also Simon’s birthday. So that evening we had cake in his honor!


The next morning, Gabbie went with Grandma to get her nails done and the boys and I went to Van Saun Park. We took a ride on the train and the carousel and played on the playground. The funniest part was that Zachary tied a balloon to his wrist and wore it the whole time – and then I couldn’t find him on the playground. How hard can it be to find a boy carrying a balloon around? Well, if he is Zachary it might not be easy! (He tends to wander off, but don’t worry, he wasn’t too far away!)

DSCN9969DSCN9971DSCN9973DSCN9978DSCN9980  DSCN9983DSCN9981DSCN9984  DSCN9986DSCN9987DSCN9990DSCN9991

Finally, that afternoon we met up with another friend and her three kids for some bowling! As my friend said, it was just like old times, except our kids are older and there are more of them!

DSCN9995  DSCN9997DSCN9998  DSCN9999DSCN0010

The fun didn’t end there, as Dave’s cousin’s wedding was still to come – and I will share photos from it sometime very soon!