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Family Wedding Pictures

Monday, August 25, 2014

Last week when I shared about my trip to NJ, I promised a further post about our cousin’s wedding. Mainly I just have pictures to share! So here they are.

Family picture

DSCN0020  DSCN0021
The bride, Dave’s sister, Dave’s mom, Zachary and Gabbie | The bride and me

DSCN0022  DSCN0025
Daughter of the bride, the bride, me, and my kids | Gabbie and her cousin

These kids are all 1st cousins (boy in the blue and boy in the white are brothers)

DSCN0027  DSCN0032
Gabbie and her 2nd cousin | Simon and Dave

DSCN0041  DSCN0064
Groom and bride | Cousins dancing

Simon and Gabbie with their uncle and aunt

Same, plus Zachary and cousin

Mazel Tov to our cousin and our new cousin!