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It’s Okay #29

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

It’s okay…

…that I haven’t much felt like knitting lately.

…that I’m kind of annoyed with my blog design. I hope it looks okay once I add my kids’ updated photos.

…that I got a Coach wristlet at the outlet on Sunday:


…that I feel like shopping even more.

…that I’m kind of into Sam Smith lately. He has a current song out – Stay With Me – but I like an older song by him called Nirvana.

…that I’m almost done watching Orphan Black and I’m wondering what to watch next. Recommend a good show!

…that I figured out a way to get Zachary to do his math homework – bribe him with chocolate.

…to feel sorry for yourself even if you know other people have worse situations.

Hope everything is okay with everyone else this week!