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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday Funnies–Shopping With Kids Edition

So the other day we decided to go food shopping. I normally do my errands while the kids are at school. And there’s a reason for that! Dave, however, has no problem shopping with all three kids! I don’t know how he does it. For me, it’s more like these funnies.






Can you relate?


tamarsb said...

Haha - when I am in Oregon with the nephews I can totally relate "Noam, no, we don't need that!" "Noam, stop crashing the cart into the display" "Noam where did you go?!"

Janine Huldie said...

Omg, yes I can so relate. So much so that yesterday, I made Kevin actually take them grocery shopping by himself to give him a dose of this treatment. He came home and the first thing he told me was how Lily had a meltdown over wanting to buy a $10 large character beach size ball that he told her no to. Yup, shopping with kids = fun times! Not!!

Echo (The Mad Mommy) said...

Hahaha, the last one, YES! Why do they take their shoes off!

Jenny_CreativelyBlooming said...

Oh my gosh - why must shoes come off for a five minute trip down the road?!?! I hardly ever take my kids grocery shopping with me. I had them convinced that the stores in California didn't sell Cheetos or Alpha-bits (two things they get to eat in TX with the grandparents). Then they went with me one day and my cover was blown!

Holly Higgins said...

Grocery shopping is Mommy and E time together. We get Starbucks at Target and hang out. While I have done my shopping with both kids, it's definitely a lot easier with just one!

Alex said...

Hahahaa! I totally relate! John is on leave, so I'll be shopping on my own today. It definitely does feel like a vacation!

Dara said...

ugh, I had to do it again today and it was awful!

Dara said...

had to do it again today and it was not fun!

Dara said...

haha! mine take theirs off and lose them at home, luckily not so much in the car, although my middle one definitely used to do that and then he'd cry when I couldn't help him get them back on while I was driving!

Dara said...

ugh, it is not a fun experience!

Dara said...

I totally wanted starbucks today but I didn't want to buy the kids anything so I couldn't get it.

Dara said...

hope you enjoyed, lol!