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Monday, May 5, 2014

LE TOTE–Boutique Box Month 3

April marked the end of my trial membership at LE TOTE. I was sadly disappointed when I returned a box in the middle of the month, expecting to receive one more before my membership was over, and none arrived. I asked the company what had happened and they were willing to send me another box. I only wish I’d had the box on time to wear the clothes over Passover! Last month I received three boxes, but this month I only received two. Just to refresh your memory, “LE TOTE is a new concept in fashion, where you pick your favorite styles and receive them in the mail as many times as you’d like each month. It's like Netflix, for fashion! You can choose from a Boutique Box (3 garments and 2 accessories) for $49 / month or the Jewelry Box (3 accessories) for $19 / month. Then you pick your items, a stylist puts together your tote, you wear the items, send them back whenever you want, and get another tote! All with free shipping of course.” Here is what I received this month:

KUT Houndstooth Blouse – Regular Price $86, Member Price $49 | TULLE Ikat Shirt Dress – Regular Price $79, Member Price $39 | KUT Boyfriend Button Shirt – Regular Price $86, Member Price $49 | Crystal Mint Earrings – Regular Price $16, Member Price $12 | Peach Puff Necklace – Regular Price $34, Member Price $19 | Bronx Blush Chain Bracelet – Regular Price $24, Member Price $18

Totals: Regular Price $325, Member Price $186

While usually a box contains 3 clothing items and 2 accessories, this box had an extra accessory, the earrings. Although I really liked them, I didn’t get a chance to wear them since I wanted to return this box for another one before Passover! Sadly that didn’t work out, as my next box was delayed, as I mentioned above! The little dress was cute, but too short for me. The shirts were both nice, but very similar to one another. Here is how I wore these items:

DSCN8666  DSCN8667DSCN8668DSCN8671
As you can see, I wore the first shirt twice! Since I had a credit from last month when a box was shipped by parcel post rather than two day shipping, I used it to keep the bracelet. Because I kept an item from my tote, I received an extra item in my following box!

Here is what arrived in box #2:

Sanctuary Mila Blouse – Regular Price $79, Member Price $58 | French Memphis Spray Top – Regular Price $88, Member Price $67 | Kensie Plush Cardigan – Regular Price $79, Member Price $59 | Esme Dotscape Blouse – Regular Price $54, Member Price $37 | Earrings – Regular Price $27, Member Price $5 | Boteh Statement Necklace – Regular Price $36, Member Price $19

Totals: Regular Price $363, Member Price $245

This was probably my favorite box yet because every item fit me and I wore all of it! Here is how I wore these items:

DSCN8861  DSCN8862DSCN8863DSCN8864
I didn’t take a photo of the last shirt, but I wore it over a black dress. I also wore the earrings and repeated the necklace with that outfit! I absolutely loved the cardigan and would have kept it if it didn’t cost more than I prefer to spend on clothing items!

As I explained last month, I was given a three month trial of LE TOTE’s Boutique Box service. If I had paid for this month, I would have paid $49 and received a total of $431 (member pricing) worth of clothes! I would have had to send it all back, of course, but it’s fun to have a rotating closet! What do you think of the styles I was able to try this month?


Janine Huldie said...

Looks like we got a free of the same items yet again and seriously loved trying this subscription service out. And the customer service, was indeed pretty good. Glad they did get you another box out that you deserved, but sorry it didn't arrive in time for Passover.

tamarsb said...

Great looks! Such cool ideas out there around these concepts. I heard about Oyster - like netflix for books!

What the Schneck - the blog said...

So if you want to keep any of the items you can at the member price? Is that how it works? What if you were to spill something on an item/stain an item? Are you required to keep it?

Holly Higgins said...

I love that second box! It's such a shame you couldn't keep it.

Dara said...

yeah, they do have pretty good customer service!

Dara said...

isn't the library like netflix for books? lol.

Dara said...

yes, if you want to keep the items you can at the member price. Here's what they say about staining:

We know that you will make every effort to take care of the clothing and
accessories, but if there are any minor stains, nicks, or button/zip
damage we can take care of it if you opt in to the insurance program ($5
per month). However, if the clothing is torn or damaged beyond repair
or the items are lost or stolen, we cannot cover that under our
insurance policy. In the case of items being destroyed, lost, or stolen,
we will charge your credit card for member price of the items.

I'm unsure how it works if you don't have the optional insurance though!

Dara said...

totally agree.

Alex said...

Love love love what you did with the blouse, necklace, and bracelet!

Dara said...

thank you!