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The ABCs of Gabbie

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Today is Gabbie’s 9th birthday. Like I did for Zachary and Simon, here is a list of things all about Gabbie in honor of her birthday!


Age: 9 years old today!

Birthday: April 1, 2005. Yes, she is an April Fool’s baby. Not a joke.

Chores: Gabbie is supposed to pick up her clothes and toys, throw away her trash, and put her homework away when she finishes it. Whether she does these things is another story.

Drink of choice: She mostly drinks water, but if given a choice will choose Sprite. She also likes to have tea.

Education: She is in the 3rd grade with less than two months left to the school year.

Favorite color: Pink, purple, and light blue.

Grandparents: Gabbie will often call her grandparents on Facetime. She has wonderful memories of the times she has spent with all four of her grandparents. She is also lucky to have one great-grandmother!

Height: She will very soon be taller than me. I believe she is about 4’8.


Interests: Gabbie’s main interest is dance. This year, she does Lyrical and is on the performance team. She also enjoys arts and crafts and listening to music. She loves American Girl and Lego Friends. She also likes to read.

Job she’d like: For years Gabbie has been saying she wants to be a ballet teacher. Most recently she said she wants to be a ballerina.

Kids: Gabbie gets along with other kids and tends to play in the same small group at school. She dreams of having her own kids one day.

Looks: Many people say she looks like me. She has light brown curly hair and light brown eyes. She is tall and slim.

Moods: Most often, Gabbie is happy. She is quiet and while she enjoys playing with Zachary, at times he annoys her and she prefers to be alone.


Nicknames: Gabbie is her nickname! For awhile she wanted us to call her Gabriella but that didn’t quite stick!

Overnight: Gabbie is my worst sleeper. She has a hard time falling asleep and will often come out of her room to tell us she can’t sleep. She won’t put herself back to bed either – someone has to walk her back to her room. She goes to bed around 8 PM and wakes up at 7 AM.

Pet peeve: She gets annoyed when Zachary won’t leave her alone. She hates cleaning up when the mess in question doesn’t belong to her.

Quote she likes: I don’t think she has a favorite quote right now. She likes songs by Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Adele though!

Right or left-handed: Righty.

Siblings: Two little brothers who she loves. Most of the time.

Time she’s at her best: It depends on the day. She’s not a huge morning person but also doesn’t have a hard time getting ready for the day. I guess she’s best midday!

Underwear: Yup. Want to know a trick to help your child remember to change underwear daily? Days of the week underwear.

Vegetables: The only vegetable she likes is potatoes!

Wears: Mostly she wears outfits with a shirt and a skirt and leggings. Sometimes she likes to skip the skirt and just wear a shirt with leggings. She likes to be girly and wear dresses, and she likes to be mature and wear stockings!


Xrays: This year she had a few xrays because she had pneumonia. She was brave and had no problem being in the xray room without me!

Yummies: Gabbie has gotten even more picky about food, if that is possible. She likes eggs, popcorn, cheese sticks, pizza, poppy seed bagels, pickles, hot dogs, and chocolate.

Zoo favorites: She loves the penguins!

Happy Birthday to my sweetest, biggest, and first baby, my only girl, Gabriella!