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Purim 2014

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Like I mentioned on Friday, Purim was this past Sunday. We had a busy day, which actually started the evening before, as all Jewish holidays start in the evening. Gabbie was a Chinese lady, complete with her authentic dress from China, a gift from her aunt and uncle. Zachary was a policeman for the 3rd year in a row. I told him this costume may not fit him next year and he said, “that’s ok, you can just buy me a new one!” Simon was an astronaut inside his very own spaceship!

I was proud of Gabbie as she followed along the entire time, in Hebrew, using her fan.

Awesome Kermit costume!

In the morning, Gabbie’s dance team performed at her friend’s older brother’s Bar Mitzvah party (the friend is also on the dance team).

DSCN8491  DSCN8492DSCN8494DSCN8495  DSCN8497DSCN8500  DSCN8506DSCN8509DSCN8510DSCN8514

We gave out our Purim bags that I showed in Friday’s post, and we were happy to receive gifts back from friends. Here are a few of the ones we got:


Finally, we attended a Purim party / dinner. Simon wore his Dusty Crophopper costume.

DSCN8520DSCN8521DSCN8523  DSCN8524DSCN8526DSCN8527DSCN8529
The kids were watching a martial arts demonstration in most of these pictures. There was also a magic show.

I am happy to say we had a good time and we enjoyed Purim this year!