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March Instagram Wrap Up

Friday, March 28, 2014

Time for another Instagram wrap up post. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen these pictures already, but I like to post them here because they are the quick snap shots of my life! (If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you can, here.)

2014-02-27_1393534579  2014-02-28_13935517352014-02-28_1393602951  2014-03-05_1394037564
1. Gabbie trying on her Purim costume, which my brother and his wife bought for her in China. 2. Rudy and Gabbie cuteness. 3. Gabbie modeling an outfit I bought for her and her American Girl Doll at the consignment sale. 4. Simon’s outfit for his cousin’s wedding.

2014-03-05_1394040073  2014-03-06_13941463332014-03-07_1394150992  2014-03-07_1394208970
1. Zachary’s outfit for his cousin’s wedding. 2. My suitcase and my carry on bag. Love them both. 3. Airplane. 4. Welcome to New Jersey. Wipers On, Lights On people!

2014-03-09_1394323449  2014-03-10_13944211092014-03-12_1394595377  2014-03-14_1394804671
1. I couldn’t stop laughing when my kids and my friends’ kids were wearing this mask. That’s Simon by the way! 2. Simon getting a ride back to our room from the wedding. 3. Zachary being a jet setter and sitting by himself on the way home. 4. Declared it flip flop season – I did paint my toe nails but it’s not warm enough anymore!

2014-03-20_1395348084  2014-03-26_1395859603
1. Simon loves taking selfies. 2. Simon in a box. We cut the side and made a door and he pretends he’s driving!

And some photos I took but didn’t post to Instagram:

1  23  4
1. Gabbie and Zachary at the Liberty Bell. 2. Simon and Zachary sound asleep after only sleeping 5-6 hours the night before. 3. Our old house. 4. Gabbie and her cousin.

5  67  8
1. Zachary and his cousin. 2. Grandpa and Gabbie. 3. Me and one of my favorite twins. 4. Dave and Silly Simon.

Have a great weekend everyone!