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Scandal Sunday #12–3 Favorite Episodes

Sunday, February 9, 2014


This week, Scandal on Facebook started their countdown to the mid-season premiere. There were a few goodies, such as this poster featuring quotes said by Olivia Pope and this video about Olivia’s fashion, which includes a new clip from the new episode. Also this week, rumors started surfacing regarding Kerry Washington’s real life marriage (or non-marriage, as some will say). It’s almost like an episode of Scandal.

Which brings me to my topic for this week – 3 Favorite Scandal Episodes. (Contains spoilers!)

Episode: 1x06 The Trail

What It Was About: “When we last left Olivia Pope, the President of the United States was standing outside her front door. He wants her to listen to the sex tape that was sent to Cyrus. Before we get to that, let’s jump back two years to the day Olivia joined Fitz’s presidential campaign. She makes quite the first impression, as Fitz wants to fire her for her candor. Cyrus convinces him to keep this lady around. It’s during Fitz's genuine apology to Olivia that he stares into her eyes. It’s at this moment that we know these two are irresistibly drawn to each other.”

Why I Love It: We go back in time and see the beginning, when Fitz and Olivia first met. Not only that, we see Olivia’s friends before they became her associates. And finally, we see a bit of the background of Fitz and Mellie’s marriage. They are fighting, Fitz doesn’t even care if it’s true that Mellie had an affair, and Mellie lies about having a miscarriage. At the debates, Fitz says he’s in love with an incredible woman – and he’s not referring to Mellie. Fitz and Olivia share “one minute,” and the chemistry between the characters is amazing, as it is when they hold hands on the campaign bus, and later that night. The reveal at the end of the episode regarding the sex tape sent to Cyrus and who is actually on it leads to Fitz and Olivia taking one more minute together.


Episode: 2x08 Happy Birthday Mr. President

What It Was About: “News reports go back and forth about what happened to the president as he made his way into his 50th birthday gala. Gunshots rang out. Fitz was hit. Chaos overtakes the plaza as Secret Service agents toss Fitz into the back of a car that speeds off to the hospital. Olivia meets Cyrus there. It’s bedlam inside. Mellie is freaking out. A doctor orders his president to stay alive. Olivia watches in horror as they wheel Fitz away to surgery.”

Why I Love It: Fitz being shot obviously wasn’t a good thing, but more flashbacks to the early days of the Grant administration once again give insight into the current state of the characters. We learn about the flag pin that Fitz always wears, Fitz and Olivia admit their feelings for one another, and we see why Olivia left the White House to open her own business.

My Favorite Scandal Scene

Episode: 2x19 Seven Fifty-Two

What It Was About: “A heavily-bearded homeless man gives a smartly-dressed woman some helpful information as she waits for her train at the station. The grateful commuter offers to buy the guy a coffee if he’s going to be there the next day. He will be. This scruffy-looking, sad-eyed fellow is there every day. This is Huck five years ago. This is how he existed before he met that woman who offered him that coffee. This is what he was before he met Olivia Pope.”

Why I Love It: It was hard for me to choose a 3rd favorite episode because there are so many with worthwhile moments and scenes in them. However, this episode was heartbreakingly moving and when I first watched it I was really drawn to the flashback scenes about Huck and his family. There is also the 2nd of 2 times that Olivia admits to Fitz that she loves him, while she’s in the hospital and he comes to her, apologizing for hurting her and admitting she is everything to him.


Do you love certain episodes more than others of your favorite TV show? Have I convinced anyone to start watching Scandal yet?