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LE TOTE–Boutique Box Review

Monday, February 24, 2014

Have you ever stood in front of your closet and thought “I have nothing to wear”? Have you ever wished you had a friend who would loan you some of her clothing? LE TOTE is the answer to this! “LE TOTE is a new concept in fashion, where you pick your favorite styles and receive them in the mail as many times as you’d like each month. It's like Netflix, for fashion! You can choose from a Boutique Box (3 garments and 2 accessories) for $69 / month or the Jewelry Box (3 accessories) for $29 / month. Then you pick your items, a stylist puts together your tote, you wear the items, send them back whenever you want, and get another tote! All with free shipping of course.”

At the beginning of this month, I began my free trial of LE TOTE, which I was offered in exchange for my review on my blog. I am receiving the Boutique Box, which would cost a subscriber $69 per month – not per box – and consists of 3 garments and 2 accessories sent directly to my door step. You can choose to purchase the items at a discounted price if you so choose. Shipping both ways is included, and LE TOTE sends via 2nd Day Priority Mail, so two days after they receive your clothes back, you will get another box. Let’s look at the value that I received this month.

In my first tote I received the following items:

Esme V-Neck Blouse – Regular Price $70, Member Price $39 | Verona Statement Necklace – Regular Price $42, Member Price $32 | Heather Layered Vest – Regular Price $89, Member Price $47 | Stitched Print Striped Scarf – Regular Price $28, Member Price $21 |  Katherine Ruched Jacket – Regular Price $58, Member Price $40

Totals: Regular Price $287, Member Price $179

In my second tote I received the following items:

Felicity Fleece Maxi Skirt – Regular Price $78 Member Price $54 | KUT Houndstooth Sweatshirt – Regular Price $84, Member Price $50 | Nanette Zip Dress – Regular Price $57 Member Price $39 | Circus Statement Necklace – Regular Price $32, Member Price $24 | Two Tone Polka Dot Scarf – Regular Price $26, Member Price $20

Totals: Regular Price $277, Member Price $187

Since I received both of these boxes in the same month, the cost of $69 covers both, and I received $564 worth of clothing, or $366 worth, according to LE TOTE’s member price. What a value!

Now, a closer look at the items I received and how I wore them! Tote #1:

DSCN7851  DSCN7852DSCN7853DSCN7854  DSCN7905
Heather Layered Vest and Verona Statement Necklace
I loved the vest and got a lot of compliments on it. I did wish it was cotton and more stretchy than it was. I’m including the darker picture to show how it could be worn open as well as tied, like in the other photos. The statement necklace was really pretty as well.

 DSCN7948  DSCN7950
Esme V-Neck Blouse
This shirt was not on my list of items that I wished to receive, but I liked it anyway! It was fancier than most tops I wear on a regular basis, but I was happy with it.

DSCN8010  DSCN8011
Katherine Ruched Jacket
The material of this was a little strange, I thought it looked cotton in the photo, but it was not. I liked the cut and fit well enough though!

Stitched Print Striped Scarf
Again, I thought this scarf was cotton when I requested it, but it did not seem to be when I received it. I like the stripes, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the scarf overall.

In Tote #2, I only received one item that I favorited on the site, and the rest were items chosen that I had not requested. All were to my liking, besides the Nanette Zip Dress, which was not my style and did not fit me.

DSCN8104  DSCN8106
Two Tone Polka Dot Scarf and Felicity Fleece Maxi Skirt
Although LE TOTE’s photo of the scarf does it no justice, I really loved it! It was soft and made me feel totally fashionable. The skirt was fleece and a bit too long on me, but I rolled it at the top and made it work. The skirt was the one item I’d requested out of this box!

DSCN8109  DSCN8111
KUT Houndstooth Sweatshirt
Although this top was not one I had chosen myself, I really liked it! The front is sweatshirt material, but the back is sheer and silky.

Circus Statement Necklace
This is a good length for a statement necklace for me! Unfortunately, the colors are more summer-like than winter-like, I think! I didn’t wear this other than to take the photo, but I did like it!

I am looking forward to receiving my next box from LE TOTE! The fun thing is you can be surprised, or you can see ahead of time on the site what is on the way! LE TOTE offered me a three month trial of their service, so I will definitely be reporting back on the next totes I receive. What do you think of the styles I’ve modeled above?

I received items from LE TOTE in exchange for my review. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.