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Gabbie’s Dance Performance

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Last week, Gabbie had her first dance performance! This year, she is on the performance team that will be dancing at various events throughout the year. Their first event was dancing at the boys’ high school basketball game. The dancers did great and the audience loved it! I didn’t video this time, but here are just a few pictures!

DSCN7968DSCN7969DSCN7970DSCN7971DSCN7973  DSCN7974DSCN7981  DSCN7982DSCN7988DSCN7989  DSCN7991DSCN7994DSCN7999  DSCN8001DSCN8002DSCN8003DSCN8005

I will try not to take a million pictures at their next performance, because they will probably all look the same as these!

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