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February Instagram Wrap Up

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Time for another Instagram wrap up post. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen these pictures already, but I like to post them here because they are the quick snap shots of my life! (If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you can, here.)

This month, there are not that many pictures, so I just want to start by saying today is a good day! New episodes of Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy tonight! It’s the first day of the consignment sale (after pre-sales) and I’m going shopping. And it’s my mom’s birthday! Happy Birthday Mommy!

2014-02-06_1391650762  2014-02-07_13917362652014-02-09_1391963638  2014-02-11_1392150078
1. Zachary, Simon, and me. 2. Gabbie after her first dance team performance. 3. Simon dressed as an astronaut in a rocket ship. 4. My nails, using Kiss Nail guides to make the chevron stripe.

2014-02-13_1392301041  2014-02-21_13930228602014-02-25_1393338322  2014-02-26_1393376519
1. Simon’s adorable smile, wearing his favorite hat. 2. Selfie. 3. Simon’s silly face. 4. Simon wearing Gabbie’s head band.

That’s all for now!