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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Scandal Sunday #8–7 Pieces of Fan Art


Here we go! This week I am going to share 7 Pieces of Fan Art that I love – all of them have to do with Scandal. As a note to anyone who feels like participating, Fan Art from any show is more than welcome! (You can find Fan Art by searching your show on Pinterest!)

1. Someone drew this. Amazing! [source]

2. If you watched the most recent Grey’s Anatomy, you may have wondered if Derek was speaking to Fitz. [source]

And why that could never happen…
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3. [source]

4. An amazing fan made video that should make you want to watch Scandal if you don’t already.

5. A Presidential Divorce – A Fan Fiction by ScandalMania. Very well-written!!

6. [source]

7. If you can’t tell by reading it, she said the end part sarcastically. [source]


Janine Huldie said...

All are pretty cool and will say that the first seriously is just amazing. Makes me wish I was better at drawing myself when I see stuff like that!

Dara said...

I wish I could draw too!

Leslie said...

LOL! Not going to lie I envisioned Derek talking to Fitz when I watched that scene.

Dara said...

any good scandal and grey's fan would have done just that! lol!