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Scandal Sunday #7–Introducing A Sunday Countdown

Sunday, January 5, 2014


At this point, I’m finding it a bit funny to be doing a weekly series on a show that is on hiatus for 2 months. So…I’m going to do something a little bit different for the next 7 Sundays (starting next week) until Scandal returns. Something you too can participate in if you want to! Each week, I will be posting a different topic. These topics can be about Scandal or about other shows. Here are the topics:

January 12: 7 Pieces of Fan Art. This can art made by fans of any TV show you choose – and it can be photos, drawings, videos, fan fiction, etc. There’s a ton out there if you look!

January 19: 6 Favorite Scenes from your show or shows.

January 26: 5 Favorite Shows – Mine will be other shows besides Scandal!

February 2: 4 Hopes For Your Show in the current or next season.

February 9: 3 Favorite Episodes from your show or shows.

February 16: 2 Favorite Characters from your show or shows.

February 23: One True Pairing – abbreviated as OTP, this is the sole or primary character pairing that someone is interested in for a given fandom. In other words – your favorite TV show relationship.

If there is any interest, I’m willing to make this into a link-up! Just let me know. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with me posting on these topics all by my lonesome for the next 7 weeks!