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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What Do You Do Part 3 & It’s Okay #8

The Pearl & The Pilot

How do you entertain with house full of kids?

Entertaining is difficult for me for a few reasons, but mostly because of my dog. A lot of people are afraid of dogs, if you can believe that! He also barks, which can wake up the kids if said entertainment would be after they are sleeping. Most of the entertaining I do includes the kids though, which causes other stresses such as fights over toys, messes made and left behind, etc. Of course I like having my friends over when possible!

What kind of traditions does your family do during holidays?

Most Jewish holidays involve food, so we usually have people over and / or go to friends’ houses for meals.

How do feed relationships with non-mommy friends?

I have to say that most of my friends have kids!

What do you struggle with the most as a SAHM?

The guilt of staying home while my kids go to school. And the rearranging of schedules.

What is your best funny/embarrassing/cringeworthy mommy moment?

I really can’t think of anything in particular. I guess just any time I yell at the kids in public!

Nugget On A Budget

It’s Okay…

…that I haven’t done an it’s okay post in a few weeks – sorry Kera!

…that watching Revenge just isn’t helping me feel better about being all caught up with Scandal.

…that even though I’ve paid for the kids to eat latkes at school today, Zachary won’t eat them so I had to make him lunch anyway.

…to be terrified of the stomach bug that’s going around and to pray it won’t come here.

…that I am still looking at online deals even though I’ve bought all our Hanukkah presents.

…to be sad when Hanukkah ends.

…that I’m proud when Simon wants to watch the Muppets.

…to get stressed out sometimes.

…that I didn’t write a goal post this month.

…to dream.


Janine Huldie said...

So with you on the stomach bug. Seriously, I can take my kids and/or myself having any other illness, but seriously so not the stomach bug!

tamarsb said...

Latke lunch - yum!! I am so sad it's almost over, too!!

Leslie said...

It's all I'm glad I'm not the only one still looking for deals even though I'm done shopping.

Dara said...

I know, it's the worst.

Dara said...

I wish I could have latkes for lunch, lol!

Dara said...

haven't found much in the past few days!

Tamara Bowman said...

haha, I've yelled at my kids in public too. Well just Scarlet. Des hasn't been old enough to incur my wrath yet.
Ok, the stomach bug is terrifying. If it helps, I grew up in a family of five kids and it never hit us. My dad had it once when I was in high school but he kept himself pretty isolated. Actually, get this. He had a Friday night poker night with his friends and he didn't cancel it. He'd play poker and just run upstairs occasionally.
He's insane.

Kera @ Nugget On A Budget said...

I'm extremely terrified of the stomach bug coming to our house, too. I can't imagine being sick myself and having to take care of sick kids, too. And I've basically bought all of our Christmas gifts, but I'm still browsing around online constantly! You never know when you'll find a fabulous deal :) Thanks for linking up Dara!

Dara said...

glad I'm not alone in yelling in public...though I try not to of course!
a lot of our friends are sick, that's why I'm scared right now. :(

Dara said...

a lot of our friends have it right now, so that's why I'm so scared!

Holly Higgins said...

I'm afraid of dogs :-) I was bitten by my aunt and uncle's dog when I was two and that was that. I can handle them if they don't bark at me or jump on me but otherwise no thanks!

And I had a stomach bug early this year. It was awful. No thanks to that too!

Dara said...

but you like scotties! well you wouldn't like mine because he does bark and come up to people. he doesn't bite, but I know he's annoying!