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It’s Okay #9 & What Do You Do Part 4

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Nugget On A Budget

It’s okay…

…that I ordered Disney Cruise autograph books from the Disney Store. I guess I’m not getting creative this time!

…that I still didn’t finish sewing together the sweater I knit.

…to enter giveaways I have no chance of winning.

…that I bought the furniture I wanted for the living room toy organization and was proud of myself for putting it together.

…that I set Tony Goldwyn as my phone background. Yes I did.


…that I had to reset my computer back a few days and somehow it lost all of my internet memory. So it doesn’t remember my favorites anymore! Or maybe that’s not ok. It’s annoying!

…to look forward to the mail coming, especially when you know you have something exciting on the way! Some of my blog friends and I did a “secret” exchange, but since I organized it, I knew I was receiving something from Kera! Here’s what I got:

White and purple infinity scarf, Barefoot Beige and Aurora nail polish, and Philosophy Windows to the Soul Plum Delicious eyeshadow palette! Thank you Kera!

…that I still get upset every time Dave travels for work.

Speaking of which…

The Pearl & The Pilot

How does your spouses’ job and schedule affect you as an individual as well as how your household operates? How do you feel about being a SAHM? Is it everything you expected?

The one thing Dave and I argue about the most is his job. I feel like he works too much; he feels like I don’t appreciate what he does for our family and how the amount he works has direct correlation to how we live. When he is away, it is hard for me. I complain about it. I think that shows I DO appreciate him, because I’m expressing how much I need him to be here! Even though I hate that he leaves for work at 7:30 AM and comes back at 5:30 PM, I still prefer he is home those other hours!

As a stay-at-home-mom, it is my “job” to be the one at home. To be the one who takes care of the kids. To not be upset when my husband isn’t around. Because for some reason SAHM is synonymous with running a business on your own? When I’m trying to explain why staying at home is harder than working, I compare it to having a job with no co-workers, no breaks (well when you’re on break you’re still on call), and no vacations or sick days or you know, business trips where you get to stay in a hotel by yourself. Even with all of that though, I still can’t imagine doing anything else!

To answer the question, I am happy I’m a SAHM and it is what I expected, but it’s not easy!

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