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It’s Okay #11–Wedding Edition

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I was inspired by a series Rachel at Holy Craft did earlier this year in which she planned a Pinterest Wedding Do-Over – she detailed all the things she would include in her wedding if she was to do it over again.

Nugget On A Budget
Wedding Edition!

It’s okay…

…that my bridesmaids didn’t match. They all wore navy, but whatever dress they personally chose. It worked well. But if I had done things differently…

anna-timothy-bridesmaids-2004-mwds109912_vert  2013-04-22_004-950x1291big-indian-new-york-real-weddings-7
[1] [2] [3]

…I still love the idea of not-exactly-matching dresses. Different shades of the same color or various colors in a palette.


…but my favorite is this rainbow bridesmaid dress idea!

It’s okay…

…that my wedding invitations were very plain. And it’s kind of okay that I messed up the wording. I chose my wording because I liked how it sounded, but it turned out that I inadvertently caused some offense in what I chose. Sigh. If I could have used any invitation, I might have chosen something like one of these…




It’s okay…

…that I didn’t have an extra special wedding cake. I just had the one my caterer made. No cake tastings, nothing fancy, just a cake. Maybe, if I had the options, I would have chosen a cake like one of these…

disneycake  cupcakerosecake  whiterosecake
[1] [2] [3] [4]

What do you think? Come back later this week for more wedding ideas!