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What’s In A Name #31Days

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Yesterday I asked you to make a list of the names of your ancestors and relatives. Did you do that? Great! If not, here’s another chance. Today’s journaling prompt is all about names.

Find out the meaning of your last name here. My last name is a habitational name from Granov in Ukraine and my maiden name is a metonymic occupational name for a paper maker or merchant! Take some time to journal or blog about the last names in your family history.

Next, let’s talk about first names. I have always enjoyed hearing the story behind people’s names – who they are named after or why their parents picked their names, what their middle names are, and what names they have named or might name their children. Start with your name and where it came from and then write about the other names in your family. If you have children, how did you choose their names? What other names did you consider or are you considering for the future? Are there any names that have repeated in your family? For example, my husband’s middle name is Herbert. Yes, Herbert. He is named after his father’s father, whose first name was Herbert.

I would love to hear your name stories. You can leave me a comment or the link to your blog post!

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