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There’s No Place Like Home #31Days

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The last few prompts in this series have been about the people who make up a family. But wouldn’t you agree that places also have a part in a family’s story? Today, let’s discuss homes. What kind of house did you grow up in? Did you move often or stay put your whole life? Did you ever see the homes your parents grew up in? How about your grandparents? How many homes have your children lived in? Do you see yourself raising your children in your current home or moving to another elsewhere?

Growing up, I lived in the same home town until the day I moved out to get married. We lived in one house until I was 7, and the other until I moved out. My parents just left that house earlier this year, so my children have seen it. I remember my dad showing me the house he grew up in at one point, but I also have memories of the house my grandparents lived in when I was a kid. One day I drove past it long after they no longer lived there and I didn’t recognize it from the outside! I never saw the house my mom grew up in. My husband’s parents still live where he grew up, so my kids have been there many times. They have also been to my other grandmother’s house in Arizona, the same one I visited as a kid. Gabbie and Zachary were both born in NJ and since we moved we have driven past our old house once or twice. Gabbie claims to remember it inside too!

I would love to hear your home stories. You can leave me a comment or the link to your blog post!

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