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It’s Okay #3

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Nugget On A Budget

It’s okay…

…that sometimes all I want to do is knit.

…that I like to knit while watching TV, so I started watching Orange Is The New Black. And I also started watching Downton Abbey Season 4.

…that I’m not sure whether that’s actually legal.

…that I go to Starbucks whenever possible.

…to be excited that I am up to 705 followers on twitter.

…that I’m never quite ready to pick up Simon from preschool.

…that Simon hasn’t pooped in the potty yet. On the other hand he is wearing underwear and staying dry and that is amazing! (edit! He did it! He pooped in the potty yesterday afternoon!)

…to really like the song “When I’m Gone (Cups)” by Anna Kendrick.

…to be upset that I am missing the last piece of my 3000 piece puzzle but want to count it as finished anyway. And I’m counting this as blogging about it.


…to have no idea how to start cutting back on the amount of toys in our house.

…to have not cleaned out under the bathroom sink for much too long – it makes it that much better to finally do it!

…that I decided to knit this scarf (not in the same colors):


…that today I’m introducing you to one of the co-hosts of the It’s Okay link up, Leslie!

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Leslie shares my love for Disney and currently writes a series called Mickey Mondays. She has an adorable little girl named Violet and a cat named Ruby, which I think is very funny! She co-hosts a weekly link party called Violet Imperfection (with Lanaya). She is also working on a series about putting herself first!

This month I asked my sponsors 3 travel related questions. Leslie says:

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? I have two places that I would love to travel to someday. England because my great grandmother is from there and I just have always wanted to go. Australia because it just has always fascinated me and I want to hug a koala.

Where have you previously traveled that you loved and would return to? If you read my blog I am sure you can answer this question....Walt Disney World.

Do you have any upcoming travel plans? We have our first family trip planned to Walt Disney World in May. I can't wait to see Violet explore and enjoy Disney.

Go visit Leslie and tell her I sent you!

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