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Family Vacations #31Days

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Once again, we are continuing on the topic of things you do with your family. Today we’re talking about family vacations. Did you have a certain place you would go for vacation as a child? Or a favorite place that you remember going with your parents? Do you travel with extended family? When you travel as an adult, do you tend to return to the same vacation locations or try out new ones? If you have kids, do they have a favorite vacation spot?

When I was a kid, we would go to Wildwood, NJ each summer. I really liked returning there each year. My father also traveled for his work conferences and we would come along if possible. I remember going to Boston and Florida and possibly other places due to his job. Another family vacation was taken in Ocean City, MD and I remember loving it there! We also went to Disney World twice, and I have carried on my love for Disney World and have traveled there multiple times as an adult with and without my kids. We once met up with Dave’s sister and her family as well as his parents in Florida for a birthday celebration. We also travel to NJ to visit family relatively often. I really like the idea of returning to favorite places over time, as the kids grow up, but we also like to visit new places when possible!

Feel free to tell me about your family vacations in the comments or by leaving a link to your post!

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