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Blog Posts I May Skip

Monday, October 7, 2013

When I read the blogs in my reader, there are some posts that I click past faster than others. Here are some types of posts I may skip:

Link Parties. If I have nothing to share, I will probably skip over link party posts. As far as features from link parties, I may glance at them, but it very much annoys me when in order to link up once, I followed 4-6 hosts, who now post the exact same content twice a week – not just the link party itself, but the features from the link party. I wouldn’t skip these posts if the hosts came up with their own features!

Recipes. Apart from the fact that I don’t really like to bake or cook, I have certain dietary issues that make many recipes not applicable for me to make. So I tend to skip over most recipes I come across.

Silhouette Projects. Don’t have one, can’t read them.

Product Reviews. If I know I’ll never use or need the product, I don’t read the reviews.

Preaching. I especially will skip over preachy religious posts.

Sponsored Posts. I don’t skip all of them, but if there was a campaign I applied for and I wasn’t accepted to take part, I might skip reading a post from that campaign.

Baby Bump Updates. Is it just me or are there a ton of these popping up? I feel like every other post is a bump update! I don’t skip them all, but if they are very early in the pregnancy and just about the same very week, I just glance at them.

Holiday D├ęcor. I don’t celebrate Halloween or Christmas. Sometimes I glance at the craft ideas to see if there is anything I can use, but mostly I skip them.

Workout Wrap Ups. You ran 50 miles this week? Good for you. I will read race recaps and even stories about running, but I just can’t read the posts where all it says is each day’s mileage. I’m too jealous.

What type of posts do you skip over?

Now let me introduce you to someone whose posts I never skip:

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Tamar is an awesome girl who climbs rock walls and trees and when she posts recipes I know I can eat them because she is a vegan. She teaches third grade and I love to hear the things she does with her class. Plus, she is Jewish and like me, she shares about the holidays we celebrate. Also like me, she is from New Jersey! She hosts a link up called 52 Weeks where every week you can share photos from the past week.

This month I asked my sponsors 3 travel related questions. Tamar says:

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? New Zealand and Australia.

Where have you previously traveled that you loved and would return to? Israel and England. I haven't been to Israel since I was in high school and it's time to go back as an adult and England is just amazing and I want to go back!

Do you have any upcoming travel plans? I am hoping to travel to see family for Thanksgiving, but 100% spending 10 days in Oregon in December with my nephews!!

Go visit Tamar and tell her I sent you!

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