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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pleygo Lego Review

Two weeks ago I shared the new service Pleygo, which is like Netflix for Legos. Since I posted, we have received and returned our first Lego set! Firstly, after registering at Pleygo, Zachary and I created a wishlist based on our program level.

Zachary arranged his wishlist in order of preference.

Three days later, we found this in our mailbox:

Inside the package was a ziplock bag including our first choice Lego set and its directions, a smaller baggie with a variety of spare Lego parts, instructions, and a return address label to use to ship our Legos back when we finished with them.

Actually, I think this is a good way to store all of our Lego sets!

Zachary got straight to work on the set!

We were actually the first people to receive this particular set, as evidenced by the still closed small parts baggie and the stickers which had yet to be applied!

Zachary put together the set and played with it for a few days before telling me he was ready for a new one. To be honest, he probably would have kept it to play with longer, but he also understands that he will get a new set when he returns one! Again, this way we don’t amass a huge collection of Legos and end up with loose pieces everywhere!

I popped the envelope into the mail on Monday, and on Wednesday I received an email that it had been received. On Thursday I received an email that my next set was shipped, and it arrived in our mailbox yesterday!

So far I am very happy with the service and happily recommend it. You can receive your First Month FREE by clicking here or directly at


Janine Huldie said...

I love that Zachary gets the concept of returning it means a new set, as well as that it means less cleanup and small pieces getting lost in the end. Thanks for sharing your review of the actual sets and might be something to look into as the girls do get older.

Lanaya | Raising Reagan said...

What a fun idea!

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

Holly Higgins said...

My nephew needs this like you wouldn't believe! I was over at his house yesterday and the amount of Legos in his room is insane. His parents have actually instituted a Lego ban for Christmas and birthday this year he has so much.

Holly Higgins said...

I think my bil and sil would love it haha!

Desiree @ Macke Monologues said...

This is a GREAT idea! Something tells me we could benefit from this service in a few years.

Dara said...

I think it's a great idea too and I hope it lasts till then!

Leslie said...

I think this is the neatest idea for a subscription service! I need to share with my friends who have older kids.

Hannah said...

I was SO excited to sign up for this service for my son as a Christmas gift...signed up on 12/15 and loaded my account up with 10 sets. It is now 12/23 and my first set has yet to arrive. I emailed Pleygo and got the following response:


We apologize for the delay in shipping a set out. If you are not matched within a day of joining, you may want to revisit your wishlist and ensure that it is full. This will give you the most chances to be matched and sent a set promptly. Remember that you can you put sets on your wishlist from lower level plans as well.

Julie K.
Friendly Support"

I'm sorry...but if I loaded my account with 10 sets and not ONE is available, I am going to have to rethink my membership here. They obviously are unable to keep up with the demand. For $15-$25/month (depending on the plan you go with), I could buy my son a new set each month, which seems to be their current shipping speed anyway!!

I'm glad you had a better experience with them. Perhaps they are overloaded with new memberships due to the holidays, but they should at least have the courtesy of informing potential and new members that this is the case.


Dara said...

interesting...I definitely did see a difference in the sets we received as they became more popular - as in we didn't get our first choice in line, but we always did receive a set a week after we returned one. I'm not sure what the problem is now - maybe they really did get a huge influx of people joining for the holidays! I hope they resolve that problem and if they can't, you should ask for a refund!

Stacey said...

I was interested in your post because of my similar experience. I signed son#1 up for pleygo as a megafan on 12/13 as his biggest Christmas gift. I then decided to sign son#2 up also on 12/16. I placed around 15 sets on each of their wishlists, all from the megafan items (since I paid for the membership which includes the biggest sets, I want one of the biggest sets!). By 12/18 nothing had been shipped to either of them. I wrote an email to pleygo expressing my concern about not having the sets by Christmas and and after receiving a similar response to yours, I actually threatened to contest the charges with my credit card company if nothing was sent soon. By 12/19, both had been sent a set. Son#2's set was sent by USPS 2-day service and arrived on 12/21. Son#1's set, however, was sent by Fedex Smartpost. Since 12/19 that set has traveled from Pleygo to Chicago to Wisconsin to MIssouri, at one time passing thru a Fedex checkpoint only 75 miles from our home in Springfield, IL. Fedex's projected delivery date on the tracking site is 12/31, 2 1/2 weeks after he signed up! I am going to ask Pleygo to extend his membership, but even if they do, nothing can make up for the set not being under the tree on Christmas morning. So I would say our experience so far is mixed. Not sure if the prolonged shipping should be blamed on Fedex or Pleygo, but regardless we have now wasted half of the first month of my son's membership.

Dara said...

it is strange, but since they switched to fed ex I saw some faster shipping and some much slower!

Jessica said...

I was missing 8 pieces out of my first kit (222 pieces total). It came with 4 spare parts, each had no relevance to the kit at all. I'm hoping their leniency with losing parts doesn't mean missing pieces for the next person. I emailed pleygo but received a similar email as the following post. It also took longer than expected, as the following post said. I had 20 on my list which is the maximum so I'm not really sure why it took so long. I'm not going to wait for the parts to arrive in case it takes just as long but will stay hopeful that my next pleygo experience is a positive one.

Dara said...

I did notice that the spare parts included are not related to the set in question. I did have some sets that were missing pieces, but never that many. we subbed in our own pieces when that happened. I never reported that my sets were missing pieces, but I think that option is available.

Dara said...

did you check your account? you usually get an email when you send it back and they receive it, so it is strange that you heard nothing!

Dara said...

I'm so sorry everyone is having such issues with this company. I did forward them this link so they could read everyone's thoughts, but I can't promise they will look at it!

Orly said...

Please review them on yelp. I had a similar experience which I posted and unfortunately yelps "automated software" hid my review. Here is the link:

Orly said...

Please post your review on yelp so others are aware:

Orly said...

Please post your review on yelp. I had a similar negative experience.

Dara said...

once again I'm sorry to hear about issues people are having here. hopefully the company will turn around soon.

Lego Fan said...

Honestly - worst idea ever for a kid - I guess an ok idea for a parent that doesn't want "a mess". Really you are going to have a kid return his/her toy. If you pay $300 for a membership for a year how are you "saving money". You have nothing to show for it when you are done. Plus you are missing the point of Lego - having a huge bin of parts to make new creations. Buy your kid some sets for $250 and "invest" in an organizer to store parts and you are still ahead of the game.

Dumb idea and obviously an even worse execution of a business plan from the comments.

Dara said...

good points here!

tannmel said...

My letter to Pleygo:
When I first came across your website I was so excited. The idea is wonderful. I read a LOT of reviews before signing up, most of which said the shipping is so slow, it is not worth it at all. For the cost of a membership, when you only get 1 set a month, you can just BUY a set. There were many many complaints online, from your customers. But then there were replies from your company saying they had fixed some shipping issues and things were being shipped faster. SO, I decided I would do the one month free trial and see if what you advertise was for real. I figured if I got at least 2 of the bigger, nicer sets and was able to send them back within the month, we would keep doing it for a few months until we got busy with summer. (The "free" trial was for the more expensive upgraded membership that should include the big sets). WELL, as per all the bad reviews online, your company DID NOT deliver. We got ONE little set during the WHOLE month. My ONE MONTH "FREE" trial ends Tomorrow and we still have not gotten another set. So I got online today, to make sure I canceled my "FREE" trial membership BEFORE the one month date, so I wouldn't get billed AS PROMISED in the information I read before signing up. I looked at my account and there was a set just shipped, it will probably arrive tomorrow, or more likely, the day after. So when I tried to cancel, it said I can only cancel without being billed for the month, IF I have all sets sent back by YESTERDAY. How is that even possible, when you don't send out sets until the day before the CUT OFF date for billing? Seems to me like that was your plan all along. I didn't want to believe all the bad reviews given to your company. But now mine will be added to them. I paid $25 for a "free" month trial and got one little set that I found online for $10. Definitely a huge disappointment in your company. Not too mention, it's always frustrating to not be able to actually call someone and talk to them to try and get a "refund" on a "free" trial. I am canceling my membership before my trial date ends tomorrow, but apparently your company is still going to charge me $25 for the one little set we managed to get during the whole month. What a scam. I want my money back! I am also worried about a company like this now having access to my credit card information.

Dara said...

I want to emphasize that my blog is not related to pleygo. When I posted this review, I had a good experience, but it seems that recently customers have not had a similar experience. Since people are looking for reviews on the service, I'm allowing these comments to be published here for others to read. Again, I am not related to pleygo and have no direct relationship with the site.