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Pleygo Lego Review

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Two weeks ago I shared the new service Pleygo, which is like Netflix for Legos. Since I posted, we have received and returned our first Lego set! Firstly, after registering at Pleygo, Zachary and I created a wishlist based on our program level.

Zachary arranged his wishlist in order of preference.

Three days later, we found this in our mailbox:

Inside the package was a ziplock bag including our first choice Lego set and its directions, a smaller baggie with a variety of spare Lego parts, instructions, and a return address label to use to ship our Legos back when we finished with them.

Actually, I think this is a good way to store all of our Lego sets!

Zachary got straight to work on the set!

We were actually the first people to receive this particular set, as evidenced by the still closed small parts baggie and the stickers which had yet to be applied!

Zachary put together the set and played with it for a few days before telling me he was ready for a new one. To be honest, he probably would have kept it to play with longer, but he also understands that he will get a new set when he returns one! Again, this way we don’t amass a huge collection of Legos and end up with loose pieces everywhere!

I popped the envelope into the mail on Monday, and on Wednesday I received an email that it had been received. On Thursday I received an email that my next set was shipped, and it arrived in our mailbox yesterday!

So far I am very happy with the service and happily recommend it. You can receive your First Month FREE by clicking here or directly at