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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Our Updated Disney Pin Collections

Way back in November, I posted about my Disney Pin collection. Trading pins and Disney World has become a favorite thing for myself, Gabbie, and Zachary. It makes us feel like we are getting souvenirs and it is a fun way to interact with Disney Cast Members! (For more about Disney Pin Trading, check out my post all about it!)

Before we went to Disney World in June, here is what our pin collections looked like:



Zachary’s – on the black lanyard in the middle.

Here is what we came back with:

These are mine. I also have the 5 pins (the princess one is in both pictures) you can see on my bag above. The new pins are the Lady Bug Hidden Mickey pin and the Minnie Mouse parasailing pin. I no longer have the teal and white Mickey pin. There is one more pin than before – I think I found one that someone lost. That makes up for the ones we have lost in the past!

Gabbie was going for a princess collection. She ended up with a different Tinkerbell Cinderella, Aurora, and Tiana, plus the Aurora and Mary Poppins that she already had – and a Happily Ever After button – I have that one too! She also left with 5 and came back with 6. Hmm.

Zachary found an awesome train pin with Pluto on it, the blurry one on the top left side. He also traded all of his others aside from his keeper pin – Buzz – and now has Donald, Tigger, an awesome Monorail pin, and a 2013 with Donald. Again, left with 5 and returned with 6. I know I found at least one on the ground, maybe I found more? We didn’t buy any!

But then, in July, after our trip, I placed an order on eBay and got a lot of 50 pins for $18.50! So the kids and I had a little pin trading party in our house.

My updated pin display!

Gabbie also decided to make a pin display.

And now, when we go back to Disney World one day, we have lots of tradable pins!

Do you trade pins at Disney World? Have any favorites? Please share!


Janine Huldie said...

I didn't even know you could do this (yes I such a newbie at Disney!). But truly awesome and going to have to look into. Thanks for sharing Dara!! :)

Filiz @ Light and Sweet said...

I have some pins I don't use anymore (moved from FL to PA). I may sell them (for cheap) on Poshmark, if you're interested.

Tamar SB said...

That is extensive! Wow!

Tamara Camera said...

I haven't been to Disney in decades, but it's on our list. I would love to do this. My daughter and I are such collectors.

Leslie @ Violet Imperfection said...

This last trip I didn't trade any and I regret it. Next trip for sure. I want the little mermaid shoe pin. I need to check in ebay. I must have it! I mostly collect, little mermaid, Mary poppins and ride pins.

Mel@Mellywood's Mansion said...

Very cute collection, Im not a pin person but I love your Kermit!

Annie One Can Cook! said...

This is SO fun!! I have always thought about starting a pin collection/pin trading and for some reason never have. But after reading this, I think I have to! What a fun tradition (and souvenirs)!!

Anonymous said...

Collin was too little to get the whole pin thing last time we went. Hoping he gets more into it next time. My nieces collect and I have to tell them about searching eBay for pins. You got a GREAT deal on all those pins.

Sara said...

Umm I don't know why my last comment showed up as anonymous but its Sara.

Kera @ Nugget On A Budget said...

This is so fun! I didn't know about pin trading at Disney World. Do you just find other people to trade with? And like you said, you found some on the ground. That's cool.

Holly Higgins said...

I didn't even know you could do something like this. Very cool!