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Some Things I’ve Been Wondering (About Blogging)

Thursday, July 4, 2013


1. If I comment on a blog often and the blogger replies to me and we even write back and forth sometimes, but she never visits and / or comments on my blog, should I keep commenting on hers?

2. How do bloggers have the ability to give away such high value gift cards on so many group giveaways? I never know what to offer to give away because I can’t throw around $25 gift cards all the time!

3. Would anyone want to win a knit hat?

4. What’s with the big giveaways you see announcements for? They say free link with announcement, but then they list the “like on Facebook” links together, so I never bother to click through and like all of them. Does anyone? Is it worth it to participate in these things?

5. I mentioned in my June in Review post  that my followers amount has gone up. How does that translate to actual readers?


6. And how do people get 1000 page hits per day?

7. How do I get invited to Disney Social Media Moms?

Got answers? Leave them in the comments. What are you just wondering?