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Our 4th of July

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Last year on July 4th, I came super close to fulfilling my 3 rules for the 4th of July – swimming, hot dogs, and fireworks. Unfortunately, Gabbie chickened out at the last minute and I had to bring her home before I got to watch the fireworks. This year was great though! Spoiler alert: I got to do all 3 things! And took a lot of pictures to prove it. Don’t worry, only one is of a hot dog.

The day started with the neighborhood bike parade. This is becoming an important part of July 4 also! The kids decorated their bikes and headed to the end of the block for the parade.

DSCN5275DSCN5282  DSCN5288DSCN5290  DSCN5291
And then there were popsicles!

And a fire truck.

Just compare my two boys to last year!

Next, we headed over to the 4th of July Festival in a nearby town – we also did this last year and I guess it’s become tradition as well!

Too bad you don’t get to feed the monkey at the petting zoo!

The trackless train is a big favorite for the boys.

They also liked checking out the police cars and motorcycle, and a race car.

The last thing we did before we headed home for lunch was the photo booth!
Image (20)

After we had lunch and rested a bit, it was swim time. We go to a pool close enough to walk to which is at our gym. We swam in the bigger pool too, but these pictures are from the small wading pool which Gabbie and Zachary are both too old for but they go in it anyway.
DSCN5332DSCN5334DSCN5343  DSCN5348DSCN5351DSCN5352

Then it was home for dinner:

And later, fireworks! Not only did I get to see the fireworks, I also took some decent pictures of them.

Gabbie and Zachary brought along their light up bunnies.

While we were waiting for the fireworks, Zachary walked into the middle of the parking lot and balanced his bunny on his head. Weird!

The kids watched from the back of the van. In the middle is one of our good friends. Simon mostly stayed by me. He was a little scared.


Did I mention that seeing the fireworks on July 4th was on my list of things to do this year? Yay! Hope everyone had a lovely 4th of July!