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Disney World Day 3–Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

On our 3rd day in Disney World, we were once again up early, but we were later arriving to the park because we needed to stop at a store and buy ponchos. After getting caught in two downpours the day before and knowing there was a tropical storm approaching, we figured ponchos would be a good idea. And they were. But I’m getting ahead of myself. It was our 2nd day at the Magic Kingdom and in our plans were New Fantasyland, Adventureland, and Frontierland. Unfortunately, I grossly underestimated how long things would take, and when my plans looked like I’d have extra time in the afternoon, I really did not!

Like I said, we arrived a bit later this day, so the crowds had already entered the park when we got there. We decided to walk through the castle to our destination – Enchanted Tales With Belle – and therefore I was able to get a few pictures along the way!

DSCN3901DSCN3902DSCN3903DSCN3904DSCN3905DSCN3906  DSCN3907DSCN3908  DSCN3909

We did have a pretty long wait for Enchanted Tales With Belle. It was pretty hot waiting in line too! I hear this will eventually have Fast Pass on the new Fast Pass + system, so that will be helpful.

DSCN3910  DSCN3911DSCN3913  DSCN3914DSCN3915DSCN3916
Maybe the best picture of all 3 kids from the whole trip!

Inside Belle’s house is very detailed and cute!
DSCN3919  DSCN3920DSCN3922  DSCN3923

The actual show has a few parts to it. First, you go through a magical door. Then you talk to the wardrobe and get assigned parts. Gabbie didn’t want to participate, but both boys were dishes. Then you talk to Lumiere, and then Belle comes out and the story from Beauty and the Beast is played out. Then each kid gets to have their picture taken with Belle. (She doesn’t sign autographs though). Gabbie got up to be in the picture with Simon and the cast member asked her if they were sisters and she said yes! I then blurted out no! They aren’t sisters, he’s a boy. Haha.

DSCN3926  DSCN3927DSCN3928DSCN3929DSCN3931DSCN3932  DSCN3933DSCN3935  DSCN3936DSCN3937

After that, we decided to get Fast Passes for the Journey of the Little Mermaid, and got in line to meet Ariel. Once again, Zachary said he didn’t want to meet her, but once he got up to her he was enthralled!

At this point, it wasn’t yet time for our Fast Pass, so we decided to break for lunch. Already lunch time after only doing 2 things? Wow. After we ate, we were lucky to hit the line for Peter Pan and Wendy before it closed – they are pretty popular and they only let a few people in the line at a time! It was one of our best meet ups! Peter and Wendy are both so cute. They were pretty talkative too. We were talking to them about Jake (of the Neverland Pirates) and Wendy commented that she’s never met Jake. I suggested she go to Disney’s Hollywood Studios to meet him and she almost started to laugh! Then she said she’d just go meet him in Neverland! We also talked about Alice and Mary Poppins because they were in my book on the page Peter is looking at in the picture. They were laughing at me because I couldn’t remember where Alice goes – Wonderland, as opposed to Neverland. It was very cute.


It was then time for our Fast Pass at The Journey of the Little Mermaid! (We also got a Fast Pass to use later at Peter Pan’s Flight). The Little Mermaid is one of my favorite Disney Movies and Ariel is my inspirational princess, so I loved this ride! I definitely would have ridden again if we’d had time.
DSCN3944  DSCN3950DSCN3951DSCN3952DSCN3953DSCN3954DSCN3956DSCN3957DSCN3958DSCN3959DSCN3961

When we finished, it was starting to rain, so we put on our ponchos. We had a bit of a debate on what to do next, but we ended up having me (and Simon, who had fallen asleep) get in line to meet the Fairies and Dave took Gabbie and Zachary to ride the Magic Carpets. While I was in line, I saw a woman leave the line to get her daughter ice cream and re-enter the line as if she had someone holding her spot – which she did not. It was amusing to me what people think they are entitled to!

dscn3961aDSCN3962  DSCN3963DSCN3965  DSCN3966DSCN3967  DSCN3968DSCN3970

By the time we left the fairies, it was no longer raining. From here, we decided to get in line for Pirates of the Caribbean. This has always been one of my favorite rides!

At some point,we got Rider Switch passes for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, but the kids did not want to ride, so Dave decided to go ahead and ride while we watched the parade. I thought we might be able to see from where we were standing, but another family with kids on their shoulders went in front of us. My kids moved forwards to see better while I stayed where I was with Simon. I hope my kids didn’t block anyone else! Here are the few pictures I got:

We met back up with Dave after the parade. At this point, we had discussed Dave taking the kids back to the house for a break before returning for the Electrical Parade and fireworks. I had suggested I would stay on by myself and Dave agreed. I was pretty excited about the idea! Dave got me Fast Passes for both Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Splash Mountain. I guess we also had Fast Passes for the Jungle Cruise, because we did that next.

As we were about to board our cruise boat, one of the cast members noticed my kids’ shoes – they were all wearing Crocs after their other shoes were soaked the day before. The cast member asked my kids what kind of shoes is Captain Hook scared of. The answer is of course Crocs. For the rest of the trip,  my kids constantly repeated this joke. Zachary especially kept saying “because of the tick tock Croc!” and cracking up.


It started raining again when we were on the Jungle Cruise. We used our Fast Passes for Peter Pan’s Flight at this point. I don’t remember this ride being so dark or black lighted!

After we left Peter Pan, it was pouring out. We talked about whether or not the rain was going to stop and if it would be worthwhile for me to stay at the Magic Kingdom by myself in the rain. I had really wanted to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, do some shopping on Main Street, and even possibly meet Mickey Mouse, but I ultimately decided I was not going to be comfortable in a rain storm, so we all decided to leave. We thought if the rain stopped we would come back for the parade and fireworks. Unfortunately, it did not stop.

I left this day a bit disappointed, as we had not gotten to see the parade or Wishes, which is such a great fireworks show. We also had not met Woody and Jessie or Aladdin and Jasmine, as I thought we might. We did not see Dream Along With Mickey, which we enjoyed on our last trip, or the Move It, Shake It, Celebrate it Street Show. Also, while Dave had rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, I had not. In total, this day we rode 6 rides (I only rode 4) and saw Enchanted Tales with Belle, and met 5 characters. I guess I felt like we hadn’t accomplished much. In truth, it was only a bit less than we had planned for, and the things we did had longer wait times, yet we really wanted to do them, so it was worth it to wait for them. And I couldn’t be too disappointed really – we still had 3 more days of Disney World to go!