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Monday, July 29, 2013

CSA Chronicles Week 8 and Link Up

The first CSA and Farmers’ Market Link Up is at the end of this post!
As of the last time I posted, we had not yet eaten the beans and carrots we received during week 7.  Dave cooked the beans in teriyaki sauce.
For week 8, we received:
Our farmer says: “My tomato plants are almost ready to start bearing heavily, but in the meantime these lovely red ‘Goliath’ tomatoes are from Wood Mood Farm in Higginsville, MO.  Wood Mood is certified organic and, like Green Gate Farm, are vendors at the farmers market I sell at.  Jim Wood and his son, Alex have a lovely farm and I am jealous and amazed every time I visit. I hope you enjoy some awesome tomato sandwiches or BLTs.”
Our farmer says: “These are summer leeks, so are less fat than some of the biggies you may receive in the fall.  Use the white portion and any of light green portions that aren't fibrous.  They are in the onion/garlic family but have their own unique taste.  And that taste goes great with potatoes.  Potato leek soup is fantastic, or just fry or roast them up together.”

What we cooked:
The yellow squash and tomatoes were sauteed, as usual. We ate them with tofu, over rice, with cheese melted on the top. I also ate the carrots from week 7. Dave had the peppers too, but I don’t like peppers and I missed taking a picture of them.

Simon ate a lot of carrots as well!
I used the potatoes and leeks to make a salad. I used this recipe, but I used dried dill instead of fresh. It was yummy!

Now it’s time to link up! This link up is hosted by myself and Filiz. The CSA & Farmers Link Up is a place to show off your farm fresh haul and share the delicious recipes that come from them. Please share as many vegetable and fruit related posts as you please! Here is the link up button – use it on your posts – and link up below!


Breenah said...

I love these posts, fyi :)

Natalie Hinkley said...

I need to find a CSA to join, yum!

Tamar SB said...

I cannot wait to be able to join a csa, one day after I work more (-:

We have a killer sweet potato leek soup that is a shabbat staple in the fall!

Libby said...

I love this post! All of those veggies are wonderful. I found out that we had something similar in our area that delivered but I was too late to sign up. Even though I started my own little garden, it hasn't produced much yet (everything is in-the-making) so it would have been nice to get someone else's yummy produce. I know it was delicious.

Filiz @ Light and Sweet said...

Lovely to see everyones comments! Summer is so inspiring to eat well and fresh!

Rachel said...

Gotta love fresh veggies--I think I'm spoiled, I don't like frozen or canned veggies.