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A Post From Rudy The Dog

Friday, July 12, 2013

Today I have a special guest poster – this guy! Today is his 10th birthday and he’s taking the opportunity to tell my readers a bit about himself. So take it away Rudy!

Hi everyone! My name is Rudy and in case you couldn’t tell from my picture, I’m a Scottish Terrier. That’s a really old picture of me by the way. My mom tried to take a new one but it’s kind of hard to photograph a black dog. At least that’s what she says, I’ve never tried it myself.

Anyway, like my mom said, today is my 10th birthday. I was born in NJ to my dog mom – Stitch – and my dog dad – Sam, who is from Michigan. I was originally called Harry and I had a litter mate called Ron, but when I came to live with my family they decided to call me Rudy and that’s how I’ve been known ever since. Almost 4 years ago we moved to Kansas and we have a fenced in yard here! I love it because my parents let me run around outside without a leash.

If you come to my house, I will almost always bark at you until you sit down and make yourself at home. If you act like you’re part of the family, I’ll accept you as a friend. If I really like you, I’ll sit on your feet. When you leave, I’ll start barking again because I want you to stay! Other than my loud bark, I’m really a nice dog. I am nice to kids and other animals. Well, I try to be anyway. A week or so ago, I found a friend in my backyard and I brought him home with me. My daddy thought he was a mouse, but then he said maybe he was a baby bunny. After I brought him inside though, he stopped moving and I guess I probably shouldn’t have brought him home. Oops.

Anyway, I’ve never written a blog post before – well I’ve never really written anything before – so I am not sure what else to tell you. Does anyone have any questions to ask me? You can find me in the hallway on the spot of sun, or my mommy can pass on your message!

Love, Rudy

Happy Birthday to my first “son,” and happy weekend everyone!