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CSA Chronicles Week 1

Monday, May 6, 2013

This year is our third year participating in a CSA, which stands for Community Supported Agriculture. What this means is that we get a share of locally grown produce every week. Our farmer’s name is Laura and she delivers our vegetables weekly on Tuesdays. I thought I’d try out doing a little blog series on our vegetables and what we do with them each week.

What We Received:

Our farmer says: “This distinctive leafy green has a taste some adore and some ...well, not so much.  Arugula lovers will enjoy it raw in salad.  If the flavor is a bit much for you, try tossing it with some hot pasta, olive oil, lemon juice and grated cheese.”

Our farmer says: “This is a super seasonal, super tender lettuce. When the heat comes it goes, but for now it is great.  Great for salads and lettuce wraps.”

Our farmer says: “A mix of French breakfast and pink beauty radishes. Mild, crisp and juicy. They will come without tops, as they tend to dehydrate quickly when the greens remain attached.”

Our farmer says: “Big, white stemmed Asian green. The leaves are tasty raw or lightly cooked, but the stems are my favorite part.  Super in stir-frys, fried rice, or just eaten raw like a mild, stringless celery.”

Our farmer says: “These thick, ‘strap’ chives are great in scrambled eggs or in stir-frys.”

What We Cooked:

Dave cooked up the arugula with onions and tomatoes. We ate it with pasta and with cheese on top.

I used the radishes together with the lettuce to make a salad.

And we haven’t used the other veggies yet! I debated on what I should do here – wait until later to post this since we may use the pac choi (aka bok choy) with dinner, or just end the post here. I decided I should end here, but I will include any meals using these veggies on next week’s CSA post.

Who else is part of a CSA? Do you want to do something similar and start a link up of our CSA goodies each week? Let me know!